Best date night board games [two player games for a night in with your partner]

Best date night board games

When you’re having some quality time with your other half and want to stay in then perhaps a game or two is in order. There are plenty of games out there that are great, and sometimes better, with just two players making the best date night board games. Even if your partner isn’t the board game enthusiast that you are there are a lot of fun games that are not too deep and complicated that make for a fun evening.


The first game i’m going to mention is Jaipur, a game about trading goods in India. It’s very easy to teach and each game lasts about 30 minutes.

At the start of the game, both players are dealt a hand of cards. The cards represent various goods such as spice, silk and leather. Camels cards are used to make the trades.

On your turn you can do one of two things, you can take cards or sell cards, that’s it!  To get goods, you can either take cards from the middle    (the market) and replace them from your hand or take a card from the market and replace it from the deck. If you sell goods, you’ll cash in all the goods of the same type to be replaced with tokens representing money. The value on the money tokens goes down as more and more goods are sold, so you want to sell quickly to get the best price.

There are bonus tokens that add a bit of spice to the game and stop players selling fast to get the best prices.

All in all it’s probably the best trading game I’ve ever played and a perfect two player game for date night. No complex rules, lots of fun and replay value.

Agricola: All Creatures big and small

A two player only worker placement style game based on Agricola. No need to worry about feeding your family or butchering animals as the goal is simply to get as many sheep, pigs, cows and horses on your farm as possible.

Although it sounds simple, it’s very engaging, easy to learn and fun. A great date night game that is sure to become a favorite.


Carcassonne is an area control tile placement game. The goal is to develop the countryside and earn the most points. In Carcassonne players take turns drawing and placing tiles to complete roads, cities, farmland and cloisters. Each player is given a number of “follower” pieces (meeples) and once a player places a tile they may place one of their pieces on one of the tile’s features in order to score points.

An engaging game that takes about an hour to play, again is simple to learn and teach and, although we’re recommending it as a good date night two player game, it can play up to five.

Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle is a two-player, card driven, game simulating the Cold War. The players choose either the USA or USSR. The game starts at the end of World War 2 when Europe is rebuilding after the titanic struggle to defeat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan has been subdued with the most terrifying weapon of the day.

Twilight Struggle is a fast playing game (sometimes analysis paralysis ensues), easy to teach and learn and is not too complex but quite deep. The game board is a world map where players move units and exert influence.

The theme is not for everyone and the game can take 2 hours to play. This two player date night game is definitely not for casual gamers so if your partner is not a serious gamer go for something else. If your partner is a keen board gamer then this is a must!


This game can be played with up to four players but is great with just two. It’s a card game where you play your hand then discard all your cards in to a discard pile then draw a new hand for the next turn. There are lots of expansions for the game which all add a lot of quality and replay-ability. People who love CCG’s will love this game due to the actions on the cards.

Dominion is an amazing, simple game that will have you hooked from the first game.

Exit-The abandoned cabin

The background story- Your car breaks down and you take shelter in an abandoned cabin for the night. When you wake you find the door locked and the windows barred preventing you from escaping. You find a strange disk and a book…

In EXIT: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin, players must crack codes, solve puzzles, collect objects, and earn their freedom bit by bit.

The game can be played by up to 6 players but I recommend a maximum of 3. It’s perfect for two and a great choice for a date night game.

One final note-This is a one shot game as you will cut, tear, fold and write on the game components in order to win.


Enjoy your date night how ever you do it, whether it be a night at the movies or dinner at a restaurant or even, just maybe, a night in with a bottle of wine and a board game.