Family Game Night [Best fantasy board games]

Family Game Night

What better way to spend quality time with all the family than to have a family game night. Get everyone away from screens and gather them around a table for an evening of fun and social interaction. Here are some great games for the whole family to enjoy.

Storytelling Games

Storytelling games are a great way for children to use their imagination and join in with the adults as you all collaboratively build and tell a story. If you have younger children I suggest you try ‘Once Upon A Time’ by Atlas Games, it takes about 20-40 minutes and really encourages creativity and collaborative play. If you have older children (14+) then ‘Winter Tales’ by Fantasy Flight is a great option, it takes about an hour plus and is for 3-7 players that form two teams.

Cooperative Board Games

Working as a team to beat the game rather than the other players is a great genre of game that brings the family together as they strive for victory by helping each other out. For younger children I recommend ‘Forbidden Island’ and ‘Forbidden Desert’ by Gamewright, Players control specialist characters who have to work together to collect treasure and escape before disaster strikes. For older children then ‘Pandemic’ by Z-Man games is superb, again all players play specialists but this time they are striving to prevent 3 diseases from destroying humanity.

Competitive Board Games

When playing competitive games with the family it’s best to choose games that are a lot of fun and not too serious. Younger children especially will not enjoy a fiercely competitive game if they are not winning. ‘Ticket to Ride‘ by Days of Wonder is a lovely family game, very easy to learn and because a lot of scoring happens at the end then the winning player is not often identifiable during play.

Another fun game is ‘Dixit’ by Libellud, players describe a picture card they have either by a word or phrase or a tune, any way at all, but the challenge is not to describe it too accurately as the other players then try to guess which card was described from a selection of cards gathered in secret from all the players.

For older children we can get a bit more competitive but still keep it lots of fun, ‘Munchkin’ by Steve Jackson games is a great fun game where one player wins by reaching level 10 by helping other players, being helped and the best bit…by stabbing the other players in the back!


The main objective to having a family game night is to bring the family together and have fun together. There are hundreds of games out there to suit any family. Check out Youtube for some very good reviews  which makes it easier when buying a game as some are pretty expensive.

Enjoy your family game night and have fun!

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