Great games to play with kids

Great games to play with kids

There are a multitude of great board games, dice games and card games out there just now and the hobby has never been in a better place. Lots of people get together regularly to play table top games whether at home, at a club or even at the pub. What are the kids up to while you play games with your friends? Playing on consoles or watching TV maybe? Reading a book or doing homework ( fat chance )? Maybe they’re nagging at you to let them join the game but you are reluctant to dumb down a good game you and your friends are enjoying.

Perhaps an answer to getting peace to play with your friends and also satisfy your kids curiosity about the games you play is to play more games with your kids. The type of games you play with kids will probably be different from those you play with adults due to complex rules and strategies. There are some great micro games that are just as fun with adults as well as kids and there are some great gateway games to introduce kids to board games. So what are some great games to play with kids?

Gateway games

There is a great choice of games available that are fantastic at introducing kids to board games and are lots of fun. Games to consider should be easy and fun to learn but also easy to teach. A good variety of games will keep the kids interested and keen to have another session.

Forbidden Island is an excellent co-op treasure hunting game that is a perfect gateway game to introduce players to Pandemic. The game is lots of fun and the selection of characters with different abilities and the random layout of the island tiles each game adds to the replayability. The kids get a buzz out of this game as the tension mounts as the waters rise and the island starts to sink.

Storytelling games such as Once Upon A Time are great ways to introduce kids to role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. The basic set of D&D is probably the simplest and most fun version of a role playing game for kids of 10+. Other games that encourage using imagination and logical thinking such as Dixit are great family games that the kids will have lots of fun with and they’ll be able to compete with adults on an almost level playing field. My kids will play and teach their friends Dixit and they always have lots of fun, I can hear them humming tunes and telling stories to describe their cards and there’s plenty of laughing and not too much fierce competition.

Micro Games

These are absolutely great games to play with kids and they’ll have a blast as they’re quick and anyone can win.

Welcome to the Dungeon is my kids’ favorite game of the moment. It’s a fast and fun game and you can win by being the boldest and conquering the dungeon or by being safe and letting the others in the game lose by dying in the dungeon. Very easy to learn and teach and lots of fun.

Other micro games that my kids love are Looterz and Love Letter. Both are quick games which I think is a must for kids as they would soon grow bored with a long and heavy game. The artwork of Looterz is cool and the gameplay is simple but lots of fun as you try to gather gold and prevent the others from doing so. Love Letter is easy to learn and teach but playing with kids is a bit more of a random guessing game than the card watching duel of the game with adults.

The future of the hobby

Encouraging kids to play board games ensures there is a good future for the hobby once us old farts fade away and by teaching our kids how to play games there will always be someone willing to play a game with you, even if it is in a care home.

It’s probably for the best not to let your kids join in with you and your friends playing Scythe or Mansions of Madness but by letting them watch for a while and by having your own game nights with them you will keep them happy and on the path to playing these more complex games when they’re a bit older.