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Most Popular board games, 2017

If you didn’t play popular board games such as Monopoly or Risk as a child then you missed out on so much fun. But you can always make up for it now, thanks to designers who are dreaming up new games to entertain both adults and children.

Just recently at the Origins Game Fair and UK Games Expo, new board games were released, and the availability of geeklists made it a lot easier to anticipate certain games. Isn’t it high time you moved on from Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble and Cluedo to the more advanced, fun and varied games of today?

Don’t you just wonder at the increased interest in board games? Well, some studies show that the quality of these games (like the art and playing pieces) and the ease of online access to reviews and play guides have attracted a huge number of new players to board games. Take your time to go through these new games, and prepare to have the most pleasant fun time ever if you try them out.

Some of the Most Popular Games
    1. Fields of Green – At $30, Vangelis Bagiartakis‘ Fields of Green is a board game that brings farming in the latter part of the 20th century into gaming. You get to enjoy a newer version of Among The Stars, with you growing your livestock, harvesting from your fields and producing a farm within four years all through a game system.

    1. Divinity Derby – This game was designed by Carlo A. Rossi, and it runs from forty- five to ninety minutes. Three to four players can enjoy this racing game on Mount Olympus, with its betting/wagering mechanics. Players of any age can participate in this fast racing which will have Zeus as the final judge. You’ve got to be able to read the intentions of other players.

    1. FTF: First to Find – Playing this game is like playing out there in the open. It’s everything from the real world. Two to six players participate in a geocaching activity. Whoever arrives at the cache first becomes the winner. Designers Aigar Alaveer, Inga Alaveer and Artist Kaisa Holsting made sure that this card game is competitive enough for all players.
      popular board games
    2. Adrenaline – This game is a first person shooter style eurogame using mechs to deal damage. You and your friends position yourselves in different rooms and maneuver and exchange shots from your killbot mechs. The game is really about area control and getting the most hits on other players. As you take hits your adrenaline boosts your mech until eventually you die and respawn.

    1. LisboaVital Lacerda designed this game worth $70 for one to four players, and it lasts about two hours. Disasters like earthquakes and a tsunami destroy the city, and the players try to rebuild it to make it the most modern city in the entire world.

  1. Witches of the Revolution – The style of this game is a cooperative deck builder. It is a card game for one to four players, and all players are expected to support covens of witches who aim to free a nation from the rule of a tyrant. If your team achieves the four objectives, you win.

Most popular board games continued…

Other great games include Ethnos, Near and Far, Sword and Sorcery, NightLancer, Spoils of War and a host of others.

If you have no other reason than to play these games with your friends or kids for fun, remember that board games have got great benefits for your mental health, trust me.

Congratulations to this year’s Origins Award winners!

Card Game:
Mystic Vale – AEG



Miniatures Game:
Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team – Games Workshop


Collectible Game:
Pokemon XY11 Steam Siege – Pokemon USA



Family Game:
Happy Salmon – Northstar Games




Game Accessory:
Blood Rage Organizer – The Broken Token



Role-Playing Game:
No Thank You, Evil! – Monte Cook Games


Board Game and Game of the Year:
Scythe – Stonemaier Games



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