Looterz Review [Tabletop Games]

Looterz review by Tabletop Games.

Looterz is a card game for 2-6 players and the recommended age is 14+, i don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be 10+, and playing time is 20 mins.

What’s in the box?

36 loot tokens.

40 life tokens.

6 dice, six sided.

60 Looterz cards.

6 player aid cards.

1 Rulebook.

Game components in detail.

Loot tokens are plastic gold coin counters and the life tokens are red plastic heart shaped tokens.

The dice are purple plastic six sided dice with yellow spots.

Looterz cards are playing card sized with the name and picture of the looter with its life and power at the top and special ability at the bottom.

The Player Aid cards are double sided. On one side is the player turn sequence and on the other is the character activation rule.

The rulebook is a small, 12 page booklet that covers all the rules and describes gameplay well and is also a fun read.


The object of the game is to collect loot from the dungeon. The amount of loot required to win depends on the number of players.

The starting player is chosen at random and is dealt three cards to start while the other players are dealt four. The rest of the cards for the draw deck. Each turn is split in to four phases which are played in order: first recruitment phase, dungeon phase, second recruitment phase and sacrifice phase.

Phase one- either play a looter from your hand or draw a card from the deck

Phase two-all your looterz in play can take an action; search for loot, attack another looter or use their special ability.

Phase three-exactly the same is phase one!

Phase four-you can only have three looterz in play at this point and must discard extra looterz cards, your hand limit is ten at this phase and again discard any extras.

Looterz Review

A great fun fast paced game where hindering the other players from collecting loot is just as important as collecting loot.

The Looterz all have special abilities (even if the troll reckons his are his fists!). The special abilities include stealing loot from another player, assassinating another looter, swapping looterz in play with another player and destroy all looterz in play.

There is nothing about Looterz that justifies its 14+ age recommendation and I would suggest 10+.

Looterz is a good filler game to play between longer games or a great game to take to the pub or on the train.

Playing this game with kids

The kids love this game. The rules are simple, the setup is almost instant and it’s straight to the action. I get bored of this game before the kids do and they always clamor for ‘just one more game’. You don’t need to dumb this game down at all and I recommend ages 10+.

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