Ticket to Ride Europe [gateway game in to fantasy board games]


Ticket to Ride : Europe is a variation on the original game. In the original game you were building railroads across North America, in this version it’s Europe with the addition of mountain tunnels and sea ferries.

It is a very simple game to play and learn and an excellent way to introduce new players to boardgaming. It’s a game for 2-5 players and takes up to an hour to play.

It is definitely one of the best gateway games to turn people in to players.

What’s in the box?

Ticket to ride europe
1 Quality board displaying Europe and the train routes.

240 train carriages

110 train cards

15  stations

46 tickets (route cards)

5 scoring counters

1 rule book

How to play

In Ticket to Ride [Europe] each player has several routes, in the form of tickets, that they have to complete during the course of the game. The players keep their tickets secret. Players collect train cards to buy train carriages that they can place on the board to claim routes.

Scores are calculated at the end of the game by counting up awarded points from routes completed, the longest route, trains used and stations not used.

Each turn a player can take one of three actions; take a route ticket, draw cards, cash in cards to place trains on the board and claim a route.

There are eight types of regular train cards in sets of 12, blue, purple, orange, green, black, white, red and yellow. Collect these and cash them in to claim routes between cities. There are 14 locomotive cards which are wild cards when claiming routes and also necessary when claiming a ferry route.

Who is this game for?

Ticket to Ride [Europe] is a brilliant gateway game to bring new players in to the world of modern boardgames. A fantastic game for a family games night or for playing after Sunday dinner with friends and family.

It is a very simple game to learn and is lots of fun. There is a good amount of competition in the game as players strive to complete their tickets and claim routes.
Ticket to ride board

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