Family Tabletop Games – Top 10

Do you have a family  games night?

It’s a great idea to get the whole family together for some fun away from screens and actually interact with each other. Having a family tabletop games night is a brilliant way to get all the family together for a great night of entertainment.

It can be difficult finding a game that the whole family enjoy and of course you will have to compromise some of the time. I have created a list of great family tabletop board games that we enjoy on games night and If you don’t already have one, start having a family games night!

The list is not ranked or listed in any order.


The game is a real family favourite though and the kids always want ‘just one more game’. The object of the game is to reach 30 points first. Each player selects a colour and takes a playing piece and voting tokens.Each player is dealt 6 cards from the deck. Players, one at a time,  in turn act as the active player who selects one of their cards and describes it to the other players any way they want; a song, a tune, a movie quote, anyway at all. Each other player then selects one of their own cards that best match the given clue and pass them face down to the active player who mixes them up and deals them face up on to the table. All the other players then vote using their tokens to guess which was the active card and scoring then takes place.


A great co-operative game for beginner gamers and family groups. The island is built from randomised tiles and as the island slowly sinks during the game the tiles are flipped to show the flooded side. The players each have a special character with its own abilities; the diver, the engineer, the messenger, the pilot, the navigator and the explorer. To win the game the players must collect all four treasures and escape the island before it sinks.


A collaborative story telling game using cards to drive the story and allow other players to interrupt. The game ends when a player plays all their cards and then plays their ‘ending’ card. All the cards have a story telling device on them to drive the story onwards and players lay a card down as they tell their story and mention the card they’ve played. Players can take control of the story by interrupting by various means.


A simple to learn game that is a must for any family to own. The board is built inside a frame from hex tiles. Players build settlements and roads and collect resource cards. Players can trade resource cards and use resources to build settlements and cities. There is a robber token which can be moved around the board and used to take resources from another player. The goal of the game is to be the first to score 10 victory points.


A fully co-operative game where players are specialists trying to stop the spread of various diseases across the globe. There are four diseases represented by different coloured cubes. The game is card driven and diseases can quickly overwhelm the players. Each player controls a specialist with unique abilities, there are five specialists but a maximum of four players per game so each game is very different.


A dice placement game. What does that mean? You roll dice and place the dice using the number of dots on a corresponding space to gather resources. A worker placement game by another name. The aim of the game is to build up your village and score the most victory points.


A card game where the players build up how tough the dungeon is by adding monsters and removing equipment until one player attempts to beat the dungeon. The first player to beat the dungeon twice is the winner. Lots of fun as the dungeon gets harder and harder until someone goes for it!


A great gateway game and family tabletop game. Players collect cards and when they have enough of the right ones they can claim railroad routes and score points. Various routes are given out on cards and victory points are awarded for completing these routes. The longest single connected route also gets victory points. A very easy game to learn and great fun for the whole family.


A card game of only 16 cards, yes, 16 cards. Basically you start with one card and on your turn you you draw a card and play a card. Each card has an action that you follow when you play it. All the cards are numbered. The winner of the round is either that last man standing or the person with the highest value card at the end. It’s best played with 3 or 4 players and you spend a lot of time guessing what is in someones hand based on the card they played.


Players take on the role of a monster destroying Japan. Dice rolling and cards drive the game. A very light hearted and fun game. Very easy to learn and a great gateway game. Every player is striving to get in to Tokyo and once there the game becomes a one against all scenario. If you like the thought of giant monsters smashing up a city and each other then this is the game for you.


A deck building game with Marvel Super Heroes and Villains. A co-operative style game where the players team together to defeat the super villain and his minions. Each game is different as only a few heroes and minions are used each game and the super villain has a choice of schemes each game. Although it’s a co-op game there is a winner, should the players defeat the bad guy, the person with the most victory points wins.