UK Games Expo 2017 [UKGE]

UK Games Expo

UK Games Expo

For all those who still are not familiar with this amazing event, the UKGE is a games convention that lasts three days during the Summer Half term, and it takes place in Birmingham, in the United Kingdom.

It’s a public event allowing all family members to participate and have fun while playing, buying and participating in board games from around the world.

This year around 30,000 people visited this event in order to find and see new games, buy some others and play with the ones that grabbed their attention.

It’s an experience you can’t miss! But if you didn’t make it this year, don’t worry, here are  the highlights and some of the games that stole the show during the UK Games Expo 2017.

Color Chess & Lure

This entertaining new chess-like game is based on the well-known regular chess we are familiar with but with a brand new spicy touch.

Everything seems normal, you make your move into one color square and your opponent has to move to the same color square in his first turn. But for his second turn they can move a different piece to a different color, so when you notice, both of you are manipulating each other’s game.

But hold on, because there’s more! As if this strategical board game was not enough, the board can be used for various other games like Lure.


Lure is a game that originates from Color Chess & Lure’s board. It’s a game based in which you have a limited number of turns to move your pieces defensively, attempting to fight the opponent’s pieces and manage to break up their game or movements.



XO Brainer

Who didn’t spend their childhood playing naughts and crosses on napkins, notebooks or even the floor when bored? Used to draw that little 3×3 square and start the fun while struggling to make a row without interruption.

Well, there comes XO Brainer to revive everyone’s childhood but with a new –frustrating- touch to make the game more interesting.

The game consists of choosing either pink circles or blue crosses, and trying to get 5 in a row but knowing that the fourth piece always has to be your opponent’s color. Which means that either you want it or not, you will be always helping them if you don’t play correctly.

On the other hand, this event not only offer its’ guests, the opportunity to enjoy the whole experience but also awards all those exhibitors who participated in the contest with their games.

People of all ages enjoyed the experience and shared boards with partners and opponents in order to make the best strategies to thrash the opposition or just join in a game to play and have a lot of fun.

What a crowd!

This major event already released this year’s attendance and you will be surprised!

On Friday 2nd June, 8,749 were at the UKGE, but during Saturday, the amount went up to 13,142. The last day, Sunday, saw 8,852 people attending.

The volume of attendees reflects how popular this event has become, making it clear to everyone that the UK Games Expo is the 2nd largest hobby and tabletop games convention in the whole world.

List of Winners
  • Best Family Game – Sushi Go Party
  • Best Children’s Game -Baobub
  • Best Euro Game – SubTerra
  • Best American Style Game – Dark Souls
  • Best Strategic Game – The Colonists
  • Best Card Game – Statecraft
  • Best Abstract Game – Ominoes
  • Best Miniatures – Dropfleet Commander
  • Best Role-Playing Game – Adventures In Middle-Earth Player Guide
  • Best Role-Playing – Syrinscape
  • Best Party Game – Chameleon
  • Best Expansion – Dropfleet Commander: Reconquest Phase Two
  • Best Accessory – Dropfleet Commander Modular Spacestation Pack
  • Best Miniatures Rules – Dropfleet Commander

Dates for the UKGE 2018

If you ended wanting more of this magnificent and fun event, don’t worry, because next year it will open its gates for all its guests again!

That’s right. During this year’s event, they announced the dates for next year and here they are: the 1st weekend of June 2018, from 1st to 3rd June, people will be able to come again and enjoy one of the most incredible tabletop game expositions ever.

So be sure to get everything ready for next year so you don’t miss anything of this wonderful experience!
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